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Cheap Travel Turkey - Stunning Tourist Attractions in Istanbul That You Must Visit

Make sure you visit Istanbul when you cheap travel Turkey because it is one of the most important destinations in the country. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and it is the centre of the country’s economy, historical background and cultural heritage. It is also the city that has endured the rise and fall of a number of empires that have ruled over Turkey and it is the point where East meets the West. Therefore, Istanbul is a significant destination in Turkey and it holds a number of tourist attractions that give an insight into the history, culture, art and architecture of the country.

Some of the magnificent tourist attractions in Istanbul are mentioned below and should be a part of the itinerary for your cheap Turkey vacation.

Visit the Chora Church when you Cheap Travel Turkey

The Chora Church is an incredible site in the city of Istanbul. It was built in the 4th-century and it depicts the life of Christ through remarkable frescoes and mosaics that date back to the Byzantine Period. This church is a museum now and it should be a site to visit on your cheap Turkey travel to witness the history and the commendable skill of the architects.

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The Dolmabahçe Palace

The Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most spectacular sites to visit in Istanbul, especially for the architecture enthusiast. This palace is known for its stunning décor, European style architecture and its interesting location which is by the Bosphorus. Therefore, visit this palace when you cheap travel Turkey and be amazed by the architecture and art of old times.

Faith Mosque

The Faith Mosque has great importance in the Islamic history and it is a stunning architectural structure which you must witness on your cheap Turkey vacation. This mosque was built between 1463 and 1470 and it is named after the conqueror who captured Constantinople in 1453. There was also a school of traditional Islamic sciences in the mosque which was established by a Persian astronomer.

Theotokos Pammakaristos

The Theotokos Pammakaristos was not known well a little while ago but it holds great importance after wondrous structures like Hagia Sophia and the Chora Church. This is because the Theotokos Pammakaristos has the third-largest collection of breath-taking Byzantine frescoes and mosaics that must be witnessed on your cheap Turkey travel for an unforgettable experience.

Beylerbeyi Palace

The Beylerbeyi Palace is located on the Asian side of the city of Istanbul and it is certainly one of the most gorgeous architectural structures to visit when you cheap travel Turkey. This palace has astonishing architecture, extravagant decorations and lovely gardens which is a site you must not miss when you visit Istanbul.

Kalendarhane Mosque

The Kalendarhane Mosque is yet another beautiful structure which is not widely known but it is an important site to visit on your cheap Turkey vacation. This mosque was an Eastern Orthodox Church which was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultans. It has an incredible red brick interior and an impressive architectural design on the inside that includes mosaics, marble panels and icon frames.

Çağaloğlu Hamam

The Çağaloğlu Hamam is a health spa, or in other words, a traditional Turkish bath which is similar to a sauna. The historic Çağaloğlu Hamam was built in the 18th-century and it gives an insight into the old days of Turkey. Therefore, visit this hamam when you cheap travel Turkey and visit Istanbul to witness the commendable architecture and experience a Turkish bath.

Bulgarian St. Stephen Church

The Bulgarian St. Stephen Church is one of the most wonderful structures to visit on your cheap Turkey travel because it is built in the neo-Gothic architectural design with prefabricated cast iron elements. It is a richly decorated structure which was initially built for the Bulgarian minority in the city of Istanbul. It was recently renovated and now exhibits the stunning interior in all its glory for everyone who visits.

Yanaros Mansion

The Yanaros Mansion is a beautiful architectural structure that has a great historical significance. This mansion was occupied by Leon Trotsky who was exiled from the Soviet Union. He lived here between the years of 1929 to 1933. The mansion is now abandoned but it offers lovely views surrounded by greenery and exhibits the impressive architecture of the mansion which you should witness on your cheap Turkey vacation.

Tophane-I Amire

Tophane-I Amire is yet another historically important architectural structure to visit when you cheap travel Turkey. It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II as an armoury where cannons and cannonballs were manufactured. However, this former armoury is now used as an art centre that frequently hosts several interesting events and exhibits the stunning architecture of the building.

Bottom Line!

Turkey is one of the most multicultural countries in the world because of the constant rise and fall of various empires. Istanbul is the centre of it all and guarantees intriguing and amazing experiences for everyone who visits the city. There are a number of tourist attractions in the city that give an insight into Turkey’s history and culture and the different architectural styles that were used over the years. Therefore, visit the beautiful and diverse tourist attractions mentioned above when you cheap travel Turkey for a unique and unforgettable holiday experience.

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