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Package Tours to Mallorca - 5 Theme Parks to Visit for an Entertaining Family Vacation

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Package Tours to Mallorca - 5 Theme Parks to Visit for an Entertaining Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation with the help of package tours to Mallorca is a beneficial way to manage your budget without compromising any plans for the trip. Spending a vacation with your family is the best time to make beautiful memories and have incredible experiences before everyone returns to their daily life routines. Mallorca is one of the best holiday destinations to travel with your family because it offers perfect opportunities for outdoor family activities that include theme parks, water sports, exploring interesting caves and so much more.

Therefore, be prepared for a Mallorca cheap package tour with your family and visit the exciting theme parks mentioned below for an unforgettable vacation.

Package Tours to Mallorca – Visit Aqualand with your Family

Aqualand is one of the largest waterparks in Mallorca and it guarantees some of the best experiences for all members of the family. This park offers a wide variety of water rides, slides and swimming areas for people of different age groups. The environment at Aqualand is safe for the young kids so the parents and the children can spend a carefree time. There are huge Jacuzzis for the adults to relax, water playgrounds for children and thrilling rides such as Black Hole slide and Tornado rides for people who want adventure. Therefore, visit this entertaining park on your Mallorca package tours cheap and share a wonderful experience with your family.

MarAventura Sports Park

MarAventura Sports Park is one of the most ideal places to visit during the Package Tours to Mallorca if you love the water and obstacle courses. This park is located at Port de Pollença and it is more suitable for older children, young adults and adults. MarAventura is an inflatable playground which is located 50 metres out at the sea. This park contains inflatable pathways, trampolines, slides and obstacle courses. Your adventure will begin when you register yourself and your family at the beach. The authorities give a lifejacket to each member of the team after which you have to swim towards the park assisted by lifeguards. Therefore, visit MarAventura Sports Park on your cheap package tour to Mallorca with your family to enjoy the blue water as well as the exhilarating obstacle course.

Forestal Park

Forestal Park is the perfect place to visit on your Package Tours to Mallorca if you and your loved ones are looking for an adventurous time. This park is located in Palma and it has the longest zip-lines on the island which is up to 200 metres. There is professional assistance available at all times to make sure that everyone has a safe yet exciting time at this amazing theme park. There are more than 80 different activities for you and your children that includes climbing walls, Tarzan swings and Tibetan-style bridges that vary in their level of difficulty. Therefore, visit the Forestal Park on your Mallorca cheap package tour to participate in different thrilling activities, climbing challenges and so much more for an unforgettable adventure with your loved ones.


Hidropark is located in Alcudia and it is one of the smaller parks in Mallorca, suitable for families with younger kids. You and your children are guaranteed to have an enjoyable time on your Package Tours to Mallorca if you visit the Hidropark because it has enjoyable activities for every member of the family. There are water slides and flumes for the adults, trampolines, floating pool balls and wave pools for the older kids and toddler pools and small slides for younger kids. Therefore, if you are your family are looking to spend a few refreshing hours in a safe environment then visit Hidropark on your Mallorca package tours cheap for a memorable trip.

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Marineland is an amusement park which focuses on providing an interactive, educative and entertaining experience for the adults as well as the children. There are a number of fascinating and exciting performances for the families to enjoy together which includes dolphin and sea lion shows and pirate-themed performances. There are also different exhibits that offer a great learning experience for you and your children on your Package Tours to Mallorca. These enriching exhibits include sharks’ aquarium, an indoor tropical house containing iguanas, dart frogs, tamarind monkeys and boa constrictors and a variety of birds including flamingos, pelicans and adorable penguins. Therefore, make sure you visit the Marineland on your cheap package tours to Mallorca with your family for an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Key Takeaways!

Mallorca is the most visited holiday destination in Spain and it is also the largest Balearic Island. This beautiful island has a rich historical background, an interesting cultural heritage and an environment which is suitable for friends and families. Mallorca offers a number of opportunities for tourists, especially families to have memorable experiences by going on hikes and visiting parks etc. Therefore, visit the theme parks mentioned above on your Package Tours to Mallorca to make unforgettable and precious memories with your family.

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